Food oils become biodiesel !

Oil and natural gas are the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions that warm the atmosphere. However, 95% of food oils used in restaurants or at home are usually incinerated, end up in the trash or in the sink. Misuse of used cooking oil is one of the main causes of water pollution in cities. A French company has decided to give them a second life. Gecco recovers them in catering and also in recycling centers. One of their Belgian partners sells them to biodiesel plants in Europe. The

Montreal: Jani Barré, a wheelchair marathoner

She hoped to finish the Montreal Marathon in 5 hours. She did 42.2 km in 4 h 12 min 30 s, and all that … in a wheelchair! Originally from Saint Hyacinthe, Jani Barré, 39, is a comedian and author. She became the first Canadian wheelchair to achieve this feat. With 6 half-marathons 21.1 km to her credit, she proved once again that nothing is impossible with the will. With the disease of glass bones, this fighter spent more than half of her life in bed in a hospital, to prevent her bones from b

Buses traveling thanks to sewage!

Northern Europe is world champion in clean transport. Moreover, the city of Oslo (Norway) aims to become a “car-free capital” by 2020. Their main objective is to restrict the traffic of cars in the city center. Sweden has put in place a public transport network, which operates only through renewable energies. Buses run with wastewater and are 90% less polluting than before. The city of Stockholm no longer uses diesel or other fuel and is often referred to as a model of ecology. In partnership

Germany: Launch of the world's first hydrogen train

Germany: Launch of the world’s first hydrogen train Good news in perspective for the planet! Germany has put into service the first passenger trains in the world, fueled by a hydrogen fuel cell. It’s a real zero-emission revolution with little noise. Especially since these trains emit only water vapor and condensed water. Indeed, equipped with fuel cells, they transform the hydrogen stored on the roof and ambient oxygen into electricity. Lithium ion batteries also make it possible to store t

An association buys land to make it a natural reserve!

An association buys land to make it a natural reserve! ASPAS (Association for the Protection of Wild Animals and Natural Heritage), works for the conservation of wildlife and nature, by transforming land of several hectares into nature reserves. The association, which already has some wilderness areas in France, is about to acquire a new 490 hectare area in the Vercors, by the end of November. Their goal is to ensure that animals can live in “Vercors Wildlife” in complete freedom. Deer, eagle

Another way to cure cataracts ?

Another way to cure cataracts? Scientists have just developed a drug treatment that could cure people with cataracts. These eye drops can be administered into the eyes using a pipette which contains lanosterol. They improve vision and greatly eliminate cataracts. Lanosterol, a natural molecule, is used to restore a damaged lens. A Chinese team conducted tests, collecting crystalline from rabbits with cataracts and letting them soak in a lanosterol solution. The results showed such efficacy tha

Parkinson: When art and music help patients

Parkinson’s: When art and music help patients Art and music could improve the quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s disease and help them maintain their motor skills, as long as rehabilitation programs for this disease are based on specialized scientific knowledge and are provided by trained health professionals. This neurodegenerative disease plays a big role in the production of dopamine, a chemical that controls mood, well-being and body movements. Art therapy helps patients express

Net Guard, the Innovative Drone That Can Save Lives

Net Guard, the Innovative Drone That Can Save Lives The Net Guard drone can unfold in four areas, to stretch a safety net for people trapped in towers, or high altitude buildings or in case of fire. It’s a bit like a flying carpet. The operation is simple: the automatic pilot drone receives a distress signal, then it uses its integrated GPS to locate the fire. It then goes to the scene quickly, traveling at high altitude. Once there, the net unfolds in four, ready to save people from the fire

Berlin: Homeless people will be housed in clubs

Berlin: Homeless people will be housed in clubs According to estimates by the German Social Service Mission (GEBEWO), between 6,000 and 8,000 homeless people live in the streets of Berlin. Faced with this alarming fact, Bi Nuu and Astra Kulturhaus, two trendy clubs in Berlin decided to take action. These two clubs will open their doors to homeless people this winter. The first will host 15 women in its premises, while the second plans to accommodate 25 men. The beneficiaries can sleep there

This artist turns waste into works of art

This artist turns waste into works of art This Spanish artist is called Francisco de Pajaro. But he is better known as his alter ego, “Art is Trash.” He paints in his studio in Barcelona, ​​but Art is Trash also paints in the streets. He devotes himself to what we call street art. This artist uses waste thrown by people in the streets of the city to draw inspiration and express himself. He generally proceeds as follows: he finds garbage in the streets, paints directly on it and leaves after

Protect the environment with style!

Who said it was impossible to dress in style while preserving the environment? Fashion and environmental responsibility are not irreconcilable. There are so-called eco-friendly clothes that promote: • the reuse, recovery and repair of clothing The bad impact of textiles on the environment comes mainly from the use of chemicals in leather tanning and cloth dying. Leather is a major source of pollution worldwide. In order to have a healthier impact on the environment, textiles must favour fibre

Canada officially bans industrial trans fats

The ban, which came into effect in September 2018, applies to all products manufactured or imported in Canada, as well as meals prepared in restaurants. It is now forbidden and illegal to manufacture partially hydrogenated oils (HPH) or to use it in food. Most pastries, breads, donuts, fries, solid margarin and other processed foods, contain industrial trans fats. It is used to improve the taste and texture of food and also to prolong their shelf life. However, HPH have adverse effects on he

Netherlands: Start-up turns food waste into vegetable leather

In order to raise awareness about food waste, Fruitleather Rotterdam decided to give a second life to waste. It is during a visit to a market that the founders of the start-up fond that traders throw daily more than 3500 kg of fruit and vegetables in the streets of Rotterdam. Since storing compost costs them 0.12 euro per kilo, traders prefer to dispose of it illegally. Therefore, this Dutch designers collective decided to recover these food waste to use the skin of the fruits by designing a ve

A powerful anticancer drug discovered in a marine sponge

Researchers have developed a molecule with anticancer properties from marine sponges from the Caribbean. They decided to look at the “superpowers” they contain to exploit its virtues. They managed to identify a molecule and extract it from a sponge, then they modified it and made it more powerful. They then reproduced it in the laboratory, freeing it from all that was superfluous in order to make it more active and boost its ability to work against cancer cells. “It’s as if we take a rough ston